Sell and Rent Back Process

Rent Back Experts has been in the business of buying homes for many years.  They have experience and knowledge of the market place that will benefit youThe Sell and Rent Back service is suitable for many types of people in many different situations but above all, Rent Back Experts recognises that your circumstances are unique and because of this they tailor their service to meet your needs.  Below is an outline of how the service works.  After you have read this through you will probably have some questions of your own; Rent Back Experts’ team are waiting to take your call in complete confidence and with no obligation.

Step 1 – Making Contact

All you have to do to start the process is to make contact with Rent Back Experts by phone on 0800 13 13 999 or by email on It’s easy!

Rent Back Experts will answer your questions and tell you more about the process of Rent Back.  In order to help you, a fact find will be taken to enable us to value your property.

Step 2 – Providing an offer

Rent Back Experts guarantee to make you an offer for your home, no matter what condition it is in. The valuation is made very quickly; then it is up to you to decide whether you want to proceed. If you decide not to take up the offer, that will be the end of the process. No salesmen will visit and you won’t be pestered by telephone calls.

Step 3 – Moving forward

If you wish to proceed, there is a rigid regulated process laid down by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) that needs to be followed.  This will ensure everything is clear at every stage of the process.  To start the compliance work, we will pass your details to an authorised provider that we partner with and they will arrange to visit your home.

All home visits are 100% discreet and are profesionally conducted. At this time we will go through all the details again with you and confirm your montly rent.

Step 4 – The Legal Stuff

If you wish to proceed, Rent Back Experts can arrange a firm of solicitors to represent you and prepare all the paperwork.  Your appointed solicitors will draw up the contracts including your tenancy agreement and they will be able to advise you on all the legal matters.  This won’t cost you anything – all this is included in the price Rent Back Experts has offered for your home.

Step 5 – Getting Your Cash

Once the documents have been signed and finalised the solicitors we’ve appointed for you, will pay off your mortgage as well as other loans secured on your property, with any excess funds paid directly into your bank account.

Step 6 – Carry On As Before

You will start paying rent as a tenant, but you will stay in the same property with the same friends and neighbours around you.  If you think your financial circumstances might change and you would like the opportunity to buy back your home in the future at a fixed price, ask Rent Back Experts how to arrange this. 

To get started on Step 1, call Rent Back Experts on 0800 13 13 999 or email

Rent Back Experts is a trading style of Property Rescue Limited. Property Rescue is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for the condcut of Sale and Rent Back business. Our firm’s reference number is 522471.

Property Rescue is a UK based organisation dealing only with UK properties. If you enter into a Sale and Rent Back agreement you are unlikely to get the market value of your home and, as a tenant, may only be able to remain there for a limited period. There may be other options avavilable. Please ask for a key term statement. 

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